MIMN Highlight of the Month in February


VIU Metis Grads

VIU Metis Grads










A.  Grants

1. Canada Summer Jobs – application period is from January 4 to February 26, 2016 Student

2. Law Foundation – Carol Stratham was unable to put the grant together

3. City of Nanaimo – operation grant is in the bank, will advertise next week for staff person Joy and Scott will conduct the interviews

4. MYGETS – is well underway, Jessica Nielsen, Lee from Nan Youth Services, Edie Cartwright, Connie Kulhavy and the Nanaimo Beading Circle are completing various aspects of the program

5. Honour your Health, sold yoga mats that have been in the closet for 6 years to program, they will remain at the our school                                          



B. General office

- 46 inquiries to the office regarding citizenship during January

- 7 inquiries about education

-presented sashes and beaded wrist bands to VIU grads

- attended VIU HMS retreat in Parksville, suggested MNBC Employment & Training be invited to attend, if not MIMN will bring a rep as a guest, the importance of this is that MIMN does not manage Métis student funding so Em and Training should be there

- met with Anne Tanning from SD68 regarding Elders Council as requested by two of the elders on the council regarding their concerns around protocol

-MNBC is preparing the Grade 4 & 7 curriculum for MIMN to present to SD68 schools (30)

- lunch meeting January 29 with Ian, Heather and Chris re school, preliminary discussion re second classroom this coming fall.  School is full with four on the waiting list


C. Indigenous Peoples Place of Culture

1. C of Nan Culture and Heritage support the proposal

2. Scott and Joy will meet with Ian and Chris to get outline of process being put forward by Chris Beaton



1. Migratory Bird workshop was well attended, held at the Dorchester

2. MNBC Métis Business workshop also well attended with 48 registered from around the Island.  It was interesting and impressive the ingenuity of those present.  This was a very successful event for those starting the journey of business development.

3. Confirmed MNBC is having the Grade 4 & 7 Metis Curriculum printed/put in binders for SD68.



  1. The staff person hired under the City Operation Grant will be working on MIMN membership data base and public events.  Posting to go out Friday February 5, 2016.  Scott and Joy will do the interviews.
  2. Meeting with Elizabeth Prevost an intern with the Philosophy Department of VIU Social Sciences chopping to complete 60 hours of volunteer work with MIMN
  3. Fraternal Order of Eagles Saturday afternoon meat draw or other fundraising activity, assigning to Brenda Hogue as she is willing to undertake this.
  4. MNBC Charter Agreement (previously the Affiliation Agreement)




Action items from January 7, 2016

Action item: Bob J. to contact SD 69 regarding possible gatherings.

Action item: Joy Scan Métis Nation BC Agreement and forward to board.

ü  Action Item: ALL to Joy  Circulate draft of Bylaws.

ü  Action item: Joy Bootcamp info for possible sponsors.

ü  Action Item:    Contact Tillicum Bootcamp by letter ASAP, about backing out of Bootcamp after Feb. 2016. Due to funding.  Motion: Scott, 2nd Dave. Unanimous vote.

Action item: Joy /Dave Change the Education account to the “reserve account”. Motion Robert, 2nd Bob. Unanimous vote

ü  Action item: Joy/Dave Move $3000 into reserve account. Motion Bob, 2nd Scott. All in favor

ü  Action item: Joy / Dave Move $500 / month when necessary to XXXX account when needed from the reserve account. Motion: Joy, 2nd Robert

Action item; Joy / Dave payback the reserve account when possible, ongoing while funding is low. Motion; Bob, 2nd Dave. All in favor.

ü  Action item: Robert to call the city about fixing the doorbell. Motion Scott, 2nd

Action Item: Dave Open hours Saturday 11am-1PM. Motion Bob, 2nd Joy.

ü  Action Item: Let partners know  Second Classroom for Gold River. Motion Scott. 1st Robert,2nd Alyse. All in favor


Action items from November 12, 2015

Action:  All board members should write a brief introduction of who they are, their strengths, life experiences and email to Chris Cathers.  A group photo will be taken of board members at the next meeting in December.

Action:  Chris Cathers asked that someone volunteer to assist him in keeping the webpage updated.  Keltie Chamberlain stepped forward to help.

Action:  Chris Cathers will look into further fundraising for the Boot Camp program

Action:  Sponsorship program – Bob Coulter will act as a bridge between various new governmental Indigenous programs to ascertain which would best apply to the benefit of MIMN.  Joy will assist him as needed.

Action:  Scott is continuing the follow up on the Joseph McKay story and has welcomed                any contributions by board members for Heritage Canada Cultural grant application of $5000.  Submissions and artifacts are needed.  Deadline is Dec. 13th.


Action items from October 22, 2015

ACTION: B. Hogue will send J. Bremner a copy of the Sunlife grant to file at the office.

ACTION: S. Bradford with connect with MNBC to see if they have more information on Joseph McKay.

ACTION: Connect with Stan in Victoria to see if there is any genealogy trail on Joseph McKay.


Continuing Business January 2016

Metis Nation BC Affiliation Agreement


Mid Island Metis Office Contact info